Fortress Occupied guild Tax
ImmortaIity 20%

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Status: ONLINE

Server version| 1.022
Server Cap| 90
PC limit | 3
Race| Chiness / Europe
Mastery| 360 / 180
Exp rate| 60x
Exp- party rate| 80x
Job rates| customed
FGW| Enabled
Magic Pop| Disabled
Academy| Disabled
Free Silk| Yes

Version 15

Update List:
-Premant ban to [EventMaster]Revo
-Premant ban to HellCat
-Changed premant ban to the regular punishment to ImSoHorny
-Changed premant ban to the regular punishment to Raiban
-Fixed trade crashes
-Fixed some random crashes
-Fixed FGW spawn mobs to defualt (Thanks to F5's report)
-Fixed Special trade profit issue
-Fixed random dc when you exceed the packet limit per second
-Fixed sor weapon stats
-Fixed d8 stones daily rewards
-Fixed party auto match crash
-Fixed pills cooldown
-Increased union chat limit to 32
-Add hp/mp grains in hotan
-Added news into home page
-Added auto select icon (with wide range)
-Added auto equipment option using our webpage (Star+10)
-Added angle wing dress avatar
-Guild penalty removed
-Remove daily reward message (annoying)
-Share like winners video will be published on Youtube channel after update
-New like share event will start
-New guess monster event will start

posted at: Feb 17 2017 11:00AM

Version 13/14

Update list as following:
-Updated our filter
-Fix HWID issues (PC limit exceeded)
-Fix FGW quest
-Fix FGW treasure boxes
-Fix revofile.dll virus detection
-Moon drop rate would stay the same as players requested
-Disabled auto equipment which causes some bugs
-Upgraded daily reward system
-More are upcoming, stay tuned

posted at: Feb 10 2017 12:00AM

Version 12

Update list:
-Fw participates reward has been given
-Grand opening rewards has been given
-Unique rank on webpage fixed missing uniques.
-Fixed exp which wasn't showing on webpage (character search)
-Fixed Iron shield skill issue
-Fixed prem plus issue
-Fixed mobs wasn't showing (EU map) on help section
-Fixed Hotan fw map
-Fixed party min level issue
-Fixed skill showing (lvl 90+ skills)
-Fixed Thief npc issue
-Fixed email address validation (reg page)
-Moon drop increased again
-Increase fgw drop rate
-Added vigor in npcs
-Added unique coins drops to medusa-roc-revo eye
-[EventMaster]Revo will be available starting from today
-Improved server stabilaty
-New download links will be available

posted at: Feb 6 2017 12:00AM